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Ores, Slag & Ash, HS Code 26
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Table Total Market Size for Ores, Slag & Ash, HS Code 26
 2020202120222023 (Estimated)
Total Market Size431,0611,039,841816,003861,700
Total Local Production2,1201,6981,7291,700
Total Exports29,25046,44942,76040,000
Total Imports458,1911,084,592857,034900,000
Imports from the U.S.101,03356,18244,74550,000
Exchange Rate: 1 USD1.131.181.1951.19

USD thousands (total market size = (total local production + imports) - exports)

Data Sources:

Total Local Production: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Total Exports: Global Trade Atlas, Eurostat

Total Imports: Global Trade Atlas, Eurostat

Imports from U.S.: Global Trade Atlas, Eurostat

Exchange Rate: European Central Bank

Leading Sub-Sectors

The following specific items were the leading exports from the United States to Slovakia covered by this Leading Sector, ranked in USD from 2021 to 2022:

HS codeITEM20212022
26Ores, Slag and Ash56,182,73644,745,573
2601Iron Ores and Concentrates, Including Roasted Iron Pyrites51,169,01241,015,807
2620Ash and Residues (Except from Iron or Steel Manufacture) Containing Arsenic, Metals or Their Compounds5,005,7273,729,766
2606Aluminum Ores and Concentrates251
2615Niobium, Tantalum, Vanadium or Zirconium Ores and Concentrates7,972 


Iron ores and concentrates are used primarily to produce iron and steel. There are three main producers of iron and steel in Slovakia - U.S. Steel Kosice, Zeleziarne Podbrezova, and the Indo-Spanish joint venture Arcelor Mittal Gonvarri. The United States is the largest supplier of slag, ash, and residues containing mainly copper, which are used by the automotive, chemical, and other industries for further reprocessing and production of final goods.


Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic


Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic