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Mineral Fuel, Oil, Bituminous Substances, HS Code 27
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Table: Mineral Fuel, Oil, Bituminous Substances, HS Code 27
 2020202120222023 (Estimated)
Total Market Size2,224,036,2654,150,777,2447,702,556,0457,006,000,000
Total Local Production5,420,0005,260,0006,589,2586,000,000
Total Exports2,071,196,7873,334,295,2415,593,027,5365,000,000,000
Total Imports4,289,813,0527,479,812,48513,288,994,32312,000,000,000
Imports from the U.S.80,153,85577,572,305266,358,130250,000,000
Exchange Rate: USD/EUR1.131.181.1951.19

Total Exports: Global Trade Atlas, Eurostat

Total Imports: Global Trade Atlas

Imports from U.S.: Global Trade Atlas, Eurostat

Exchange Rate: European Central Bank

Leading Sub-Sectors

The following specific items were the leading exports from the United States to Slovakia covered by this Leading Sector, ranked in USD from 2021 to 2022:

Table: leading exports from the United States to Slovakia covered by this Leading Sector, ranked in USD from 2021 to 202
HS codeITEM20212022
27Mineral Fuels, Mineral Oils and Products of Their Distillation; Bituminous Substances; Mineral Waxes77,572,305266,358,130
2701Coal; Briquettes, Ovoids and Similar Solid Fuels Manufactured from Coal69,373,164253,329,452
2704Coke and Semicoke of Coal, Lignite of Peat, Whether or not Agglomerated; Retort Carbon 7,263,034
2713Petroleum Coke, Petroleum Bitumen and Residues of Petroleum Oils or Of Oils Obtained from Bituminous Minerals6,108,7053,119,777
2710Petroleum Oils and Oils from Bituminous Mins (Other Than Crude) and Products There from, Nesoi, Containing 70% (By Weight) or more of These Oils; Waste Oils1,001,1291,866,290
2711Petroleum Gases and Other Gaseous Hydrocarbons203747,576
2712Petroleum Jelly; Paraffin Wax, Microcrystalline Petroleum Wax, Slack Wax, Other Mineral Waxes, and Similar Products15,96626,260
2715Bituminous Mixtures Based on Natural Asphalt, Natural Bitumen, Petroleum Bitumen, Mineral Tar or Mineral Tar Pitch1,073,1395,741


Black coal and briquettes made from black coal are used primarily for the production of iron and steel. There are three main producers of iron and steel in Slovakia - U.S. Steel Kosice, Zeleziarne Podbrezova, and the Indo-Spanish joint venture ArcelorMittal Gonvarri. There is also growing import demand for liquefied gas, petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen, bituminous coal, and petroleum jelly, which are used by the chemical industry and other industries for further reprocessing and the production of final goods.


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