Oman - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers
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Companies looking to import goods to Oman must register with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment (MOCIIP) through the Bayan digital platform. The Bayan platform links all customs partners, including government agencies, shipping and clearing companies, commercial banks and operators of ports and airports into a single electronic window. Companies must obtain a special license for the importation of certain classes of goods, such as alcohol, livestock, poultry, firearms, narcotics, and explosives. The licensing of business activities can be complicated and significantly adds to the time it takes to get goods to or out of market.

Media imports are subject to censorship by the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Sport for morally or politically sensitive material. The Ministry of Information delays or bars publications of content it deems morally suspect or politically sensitive.

The government’s in country value (ICV) program establishes local content requirements for government and private contractors to either procure locally manufactured goods, undertake domestic manufacturing and/or hire/train Omani nationals. International logistics companies have raised concerns over Omani government directives that require them to set up shipment clearance infrastructure at borders and dispatch certain shipments by air.