Liberia - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) manages Liberian customs, including assessing, collecting, enforcing, and auditing taxes on domestic and international trade.  It manages customs processes and procedures through all ports of entry, including land borders.  As the lead agency for processing trade taxes (custom duties, tariffs, etc.) at all borders and ports of entry, the LRA is the repository for international trade statistics.  In recent years, the LRA has been automating its processes.  The LRA uses the following electronic online services: Online and POS payments, ASYCUDA System, E-tax Clearance, Direct Transfer Payment, Mobile Money Payment, Register a Property, Request TIN (Tax Identification) Number, E-filling, and Verifications.  For further details on Liberia‚Äôs customs regulations, trade taxes, and tax system, visit the LRA website or contact the following offices:

  • Commissioner Domestic Taxes: Phone (231) 886-819485
  • Hotline numbers for reporting professional misconduct: (231) 880-631093, (231) 880-631275
  • For inquiries about LRA services: (231) 770-572572, (231) 888-572572