Latvia - Country Commercial Guide
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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is growing rapidly in Latvia, providing real opportunities for U.S. business.  More than 90 percent of the country’s total adult population uses the Internet every day.  According to recent research data, 85 percent of the surveyed Latvian population made online purchases within the past year.  The most common purchases were clothes, shoes and sporting goods, tickets for events, household goods, electronic equipment, and travel and holiday accommodations. 

Many Latvian companies, including airBaltic and most local banks and insurance companies, have created incentives for customers to use their services exclusively through the Internet.

In the post COVID-19 environment, demand for e-commerce has increased dramatically with many customers prefering to shop online.

Leading Latvian IT and e-commerce companies have joined forces and established an “E-Commerce Star” award.  See additional information here:

An annual pan Baltic e-commerce conference is a regular platform for leading e-commerce businesses to connect in Latvia: