Kenya - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers

Includes the barriers (tariff and non-tariff) that U.S. companies face when exporting to this country.

Last published date: 2021-09-13

Non-tariff barriers include: slow customs services, packaging and labeling requirements, the requirement to obtain a certificate of conformity (CoC) from a Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) appointed pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) partner, and the obligation to obtain an import standards mark (ISM) for a list of sensitive products imported into Kenya. The companies Intertek, Bureau Veritas, Cotecna, China Certification & Inspection (Group) Inspection Co. Ltd, SGS and QISJ continue to be subcontracted by KEBS to operate the PVoC program on KEBS behalf in regions including North America. Some U.S. firms may find packaging and labeling requirements difficult to meet. The lack of enforcement of intellectual property rights protection on videos, music, and computer software makes some U.S. firms reluctant to export these goods and services to Kenya.

Kenya’s twelve tax treaties generally follow the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development model for the prevention of double taxation of income. There is no double tax treaty between Kenya and the United States.