Jamaica - Country Commercial Guide
Import Requirements and Documentation
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A few items require an import license and/or permit for export to Jamaica. Some of these items include meats, fish, coconut products, edible oils, soaps, milk powder, refined sugar, plants, and parts of plants for perfume or pharmaceutical purposes, gum-resins, vegetable saps and extracts, certain chemicals, motor vehicles and parts, arms and ammunition, and certain toys, such as water pistols and gaming machines. The Trade Board, the Veterinary Services Division, and the Plant Quarantine Division, all of which fall under the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Fisheries, are responsible for granting licenses and permits, which must be obtained before an item can be imported and sold.

Some of the documents required for the importation of goods are: (1) a supplier invoice; (2) certificate of origin; (3) bill of lading; (4) airway bill; and (5) a declaration of value and an import license, if necessary. Certain products may also require sanitary or phytosanitary certification.

Upon arrival of the goods in Jamaica, the documents are submitted to the Customs authorities and relevant duties must be paid before the goods can be cleared. The importer may also be required to present a tax compliance certificate and a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).

The Jamaican government recently launched an online resource to ease access to trade-related information, the Jamaica Trade Information Portal.