Finland - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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  • Driven by the need to conserve scarce energy resources, Finland has been involved in the development of low-energy and eco-efficient construction alternatives since the late 1980s.
  • Growth in Finland’s cleantech sector has been driven by smaller firms operating in the areas of new materials, smart grids, recycling, and measurement technologies.
  • The development of renewable energy, especially biomass, in Finland is expected to offer opportunities for U.S. companies with innovative renewable energy technologies, processes, and equipment.
  • Finland has many companies with expertise in developing software solutions in multiple applications that are eager to work with U.S. partners.
  • The Finnish healthcare sector is open to state-of-the-art medical equipment and eHealth solutions.
  • There are opportunities for U.S. companies in the defense and security sectors as Finland strengthens homeland defense capability in the face of novel threats, e.g., cyber security.
  • Many Finnish firms, from major established multinationals to early-stage startups, are eager to partner with American firms and to engineer Made-in-USA innovations into their solutions. These Finnish firms often intend to take their solutions global, bringing their American partnerships and Made-in-USA technologies with them. American firms that approach the Finnish market often find that the real value of their engagement in Finland is not so much in sales to the Finnish market itself, but in the creation of partnerships for global growth.
  • Finland’s NATO membership offers new opportunities in a wide variety of sectors based on Finland’s new status as an Ally and as a longstanding trusted partner.