Finland - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy

Generalizes on the best strategy to enter the market, e.g., visiting the country; importance of relationships to finding a good partner; use of agents.

Last published date: 2022-07-24

In addition to being an EU member, Finland is especially closely linked culturally and economically with the other Nordic countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These economies are all advanced, high income, and highly connected. While each country has its own unique market and characteristics, there are certain synergies that tie together these highly innovative marketplaces. With an aggregate GDP of $1.37 trillion and a combined population of 27 million people, the Nordic region represents excellent opportunity for U.S. companies with sophisticated high-quality products, technologies, and services.

In addition, many Finnish firms, from major established multinationals to early-stage startups, are eager to partner with American firms and to engineer Made-in-USA innovations into their solutions. These Finnish firms often intend to take their solutions global, bringing their American partnerships and Made-in-USA technologies with them. American firms that approach the Finnish market often find that the real value of their engagement in Finland is not so much in sales to the Finnish market itself, but in the creation of partnerships for global growth.

The U.S. Commercial Service team in northern Europe works regionally and collaboratively to offer cross border, multi-market advice and solutions for U.S. companies looking to identify local business partners or other market entry options in Finland, as well as throughout the Nordic-Baltic region and the rest of Europe.