Fiji - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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To successfully enter the Fiji market, it is essential that U.S. firms have local market expertise.  U.S. firms often work with an appropriate business partner in the local market to provide ongoing support to ensure an amicable long-term relationship.

Most of Fiji’s business community is of Indo-Fijian ethnicity; however, the number of indigenous Fijian businesspeople is growing.  While English is widely spoken in Fiji, the cultural differences between the United States and Fiji should not be overlooked.  Even at senior levels, Fijians may seem reluctant to express strident views.  Fijian business associates prefer to take the time to observe and analyze before making any decisions.  Meetings and decision-making usually progress quite slowly. 

As Australia and New Zealand companies dominate the local business scene and have a long-standing relationship with local companies, U.S. companies need to be prepared to match strong competition from Australia and New Zealand as well as a growing number of Asian suppliers.

It is highly recommended that due diligence be undertaken prior to entering into any contract or making any long-term commitment.  Note the U.S. Commercial Service can provide market entry support with market intelligence, business matchmaking, due diligence reports, as well as other types of support.