Ecuador - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
Last published date:

COMEX resolution 009-2022 establishes the following goods as prohibited imports: (PDF)

  • Hazardous waste
  • Used clothing or footwear  
  • Scheduled substances subject to control
  • Ozone depleting substances
  • Reptile hides
  • Used spare parts for vehicles 
  • Baby bottles with BPA component
  • Used tires
  • Refrigeration units for vehicles for transport of goods
  • Violence and crime films
  • Equipment containing CFCs using R-12 or R-502 refrigerants 
  • Worked ivory and its manufactures
  • Used vehicles and motorcycles 
  • FTA satellite decoders and receivers classified in subheading 8528.71.00.21 through Ecuadorian post office, courier, or through natural persons entering through international passenger arrival halls.  For imports for consumption, ARCOTEL will issue the corresponding non-automatic import license for subheading 8528.71.00.21.

Used special-purpose vehicles such as ambulances, mobile clinics, street sweepers, and fire trucks are permitted as donations with tax exemption.

Antiques, precious gems and jewels, human remains, original artwork, guns and live animals require authorization of the respective Ministries for import into Ecuador. Prohibited imports for couriers and postal service is found at: Envios Courrier or Postal

For more information, visit COMEX website: COMEX – Ministerio de Producción Comercio Exterior Inversiones y Pesca