Ecuador - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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Ecuador’s Regimen 20 (  establishes the regulatory framework for the temporary entry, for up to one year, of items used for demonstrations or trade fairs, and special projects.  For public tenders, temporary entry is allowed for the term of the contract, and in some cases, the time period may be extended.  During this period, the obligation to pay taxes and duties is suspended, on condition that the goods are re-exported.  Commodities may also be nationalized upon payment of the required taxes and duties on the CIF value of the goods.  

For assembly operations, the equipment required for assembly can also be imported duty-free, although a bond must be posted.  Import permits are not required.  Special labor regulations apply to companies operating under this system.   

According to Ecuadorian import regulations, when goods are temporarily exported for repair, the applicable import duties are only applied on the value added, i.e. new or reconditioned spare parts, added to the original merchandise.  Goods temporarily leaving the country will be marked by SENAE in order to identify them upon their return.