Botswana - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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Prohibited imports include habit-forming drugs and obscene literature (pornographic magazines and videotapes).  Importation of certain agricultural products and plants requires approval from the Ministry of Agriculture before obtaining an import permit from the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs.  Imports of fresh pork and beef are strictly monitored, with allowance on importation only when local supply cannot meet the demand. Poultry imports are permitted only in the uncommon event that there is a domestic market shortage.  Imports of some vegetables, meat, and dairy products are seasonally banned, except for some vegetables and grains whose importation has been put in place permanently.  These vegetables include tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric, chili peppers, butternut, watermelon, sweet peppers, green mealie, fresh herbs, rape, choumoellier, and strawberries.  The GoB has also put a restriction on the importation/exportation of grains (sorghum and maize).  Importers seeking exemptions must obtain a permit after proving shortage of local supply or showing proof of 50 percentage local purchase of the required volumes.