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What We Do For You:

  • Promote U.S. policies that encourage the competitiveness of the U.S. automotive industry
  • Seek to ensure that U.S. regulations and other programs do not adversely impact U.S. industry competitiveness
  • Develop and recommend U.S. policy positions for multilateral and bilateral discussions related to the automotive industry that ensure U.S. companies are safeguarded from unfair trading practices (e.g. the WTO)
  • Provide information, trade data, and industry analysis to the U.S. business community, policy makers, and trade negotiators
  • Maintain close liaison with U.S. automotive firms to focus and construct programs that enhance U.S. industry’s competitiveness
  • Provide export assistance, including advocacy and business counseling, to help automotive companies penetrate new markets, increase market share, and resolve specific market obstacles
  • Participate as members of automotive-specific trade negotiating teams

Automotive Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Data
As a convenience for readers, Commerce provides trade data generated by the Office of Transportation and Machinery product groupings from the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (imports) and Schedule B (exports). However, these data sets are not the only, nor the “official” U.S. Government source for trade data on the automotive industry.
Automotive Resource Guide
A 2014 U.S. Commercial Service resource guide to help identify potential markets. This guide is updated periodically.
Resources to help combat counterfeit automotive components
Exporting Vehicles
Documentation, license procedures, and assistance for exporting a vehicle
Importing a motor vehicle
Safety, regulations, duty, federal emissions standards, and USMCA information for importing a vehicle
Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions
Import a car, export a vehicle, HTS codes, and safety problems and recalls