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Microelectronics Early Alert System
The Microelectronics Early Alert System allows us to detect potential disruptions in the supply chain earlier, and support faster problem solving and coordination with the private sector and our trading partners.

Microelectronics Early Alert System

Are you a U.S. manufacturer experiencing COVID-related semiconductor supply chain disruptions?

Semiconductor shortages have impacted production for U.S. manufacturers across a wide range of industries. COVID-related shutdowns or disruptions to semiconductor manufacturing facilities and their related supply chains around the world can worsen this shortage.  

Report disruptions by using the Microelectronics Early Alert System 

The U.S. Department of Commerce established the Microelectronics Early Alert System in October 2021 to allow for earlier detection of potential disruptions and support faster problem solving and coordination with our trading partners and the private sector. We are focused on worker health and safety, supporting the public health response, and safely re-opening plants. 

We want to hear from you

Companies and manufacturers impacted by a COVID-related semiconductor production issue can utilize the Early Alert System.

To report a disruption:

  • Email with a description of the disruption.
  • The International Trade Administration, on behalf of the Department of Commerce, reviews submissions on a regular basis and will follow up as needed.  

Note that information provided to the Early Alert System may be shared with U.S. government colleagues or used to inform U.S. government outreach to foreign government officials. If the information in your Early Alert submission should not be shared outside Commerce or the U.S. Government, please specify that in your message. Commerce will protect confidential information from disclosure to the full extent permitted by law. 

Microelectronics Early Alert System