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The U.S government program to encourage business investment in the United States.


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SelectUSA was created to provide easy access to federal-level programs and services related to business investment. Headquartered at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., SelectUSA is the first point of contact for companies that are looking to grow their business in the United States. SelectUSA works with international companies and U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs) to provide information and research, facilitate direct connections, and resolve questions regarding federal regulations.

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What is SelectUSA?

SelectUSA is the U.S. government program to promote, facilitate, and encourage business investment in the united States. SelectUSA works with companies and U.S economic development organizations (EDOs) to provide information, facilitate direct connections, and resolve questions regarding federal regulations. SelectUSA also provides a promotional platform for U.S. state and local governments.

SelectUSA highlights investment opportunities in the United States, and it encourages international businesses to locate, invest, and grow in the U.S. 

With more than 300 million people and the largest economy in the world, the United States has one of the most important markets for any global company. The American workforce ranks as one of the best educated, most productive, and most innovate in the world. As a place to do business, the United States offers a predictable and transparent legal system, outstanding infrastructure, and access to the world´s most lucrative consumer market.

SelectUSA Web Resources:

Investor Guide - The chapters in this guide are designed to give you an overview of what you need to know, covering everything from taxes to immigration and from workforce to business structures, the Investor Guide is a high-level view of the answers to some of the most common questions we receive at SelectUSA.

  • A searchable guide of federal programs and services available to businesses operating in the United States—including grants, loans, loan guarantees, and tax incentives.
  • Fact Sheets - See the latest available data and information on foreign direct investment (FDI) by each U.S. state and territories.
  • And much more, please visit the SelectUSA website.

SelectUSA Events

SelectUSA provides multiple platforms both within the United States and around the world to connect U.S. cities, states, and regions to potential investors.

SelectUSA Investment Summit: The United States welcomes companies of all sizes, from established multinationals to high-growth startups. The SelectUSA Investment Summit brings the diversity of the United States together under one roof – enabling any business to find the people, resources, and market it needs to be successful. The Investment Summit is led by the Department of Commerce with participation and support from Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Ambassadors, leading executives from global organizations, and representatives from U.S. government agencies. 

Our events team coordinates and organizes events all year-round. Please visit the events webpage for more information.

SelectUSA Information and Counsel

SelectUSA services for companies are free of charge. We provide the information, tools, and connections that business investors need to succeed in the United States.

Please contact us to set up a counseling session:

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Investment Specialist for Mexico