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Ghana Regulatory Reform Portal

The Ghana Business Regulatory Reforms Portal is a service operated by the Ghanaian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) to allow businesses to review proposed regulations and provide feedback to the Government of Ghana (GOG) on their potential effects. 

The GOG solicits information from stakeholders on a variety of policies, from standards for cashews to consumer protection, to smart metering. 

To access the portal, please go to:

The portal is easy to use. At any time, there might be any number of proposed regulations or laws open for consultations. Click on the proposed regulation or law that applies to your business. Review the proposal, then click the button that says, “Click here to respond to this Consultation.” Fill out the required information, including comments, and attach all documents that you believe to be pertinent.

Companies and other stakeholders are also able to request confidentiality related to your comments. 
Commercial Service Ghana would appreciate companies’ and other stakeholders’ feedback on their experience using this portal. If a U.S. company or stakeholder does submit input and is willing to inform Commercial Service Ghana, we can help to understand the comments regarding the proposed measures and to track GOG responsiveness to those comments.  

Please contact for any feedback.  To see Commercial Ghana’s own market intelligence and explanations about emerging regulatory measures and other laws affecting business in Ghana, please see our extensive market intelligence reporting