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Ghana Industrial Zones

The Dawa Industrial Zone is located about one hour east of Accra and Kotoka International Airport and 40 minutes east of Tema, Ghana’s largest port.  As the Tema Free Trade Zone nears capacity, Dawa is becoming more attractive for international and Ghanaian manufacturers and shipping and logistics companies.  Dawa is comprised of 2,000-acres of land serviced by a 132 megavolt-amperes (MVA) sub-station and plans a one gigawatt solar farm.  The zone offers tenants turnkey solutions for land acquisition, reliable electricity, water, security, and fiber broadband internet. 

Dawa currently has eight tenants, among them an aluminum plant and a cluster of pharmaceutical manufacturers.  The zone seeks to also attract agricultural processing, textiles, autos assembly, and data center companies.   As a designated Special Economic Zone under Ghanaian law, companies in the zone receive a temporary tax holiday on their corporate taxes and a waiver on import duties if they reexport resulting products out of Ghana. However, the electricity tariff for manufacturers in the zone can be higher than for residential customers and companies outside of the zone. 

Further, Dawa seeks to play an important role in the warehousing, distribution and transshipment of nearly 100,000 containers of goods annually to and from landlocked countries to Ghana’s north and east.  Dawa is connected to the port of Tema by a railway that will eventually extend northward to Mpakadan on the Volta. Further planned logistics infrastructure beyond that would ease the road traffic created by transit trade from Tema, Ghana to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and onward as far as Niger and Mali. 

The Dawa Industrial Zone and its tenants offer the following opportunities for U.S. companies: 
-    Sales of equipment and inputs into the manufacturing facilities in the zone. 
-    Project development, design, and construction of new facilities. 
-    Provision of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems to the manufacturers in the industrial zone.  
-    Logistics and ICT business services support to the tenants

General about the Dawa Industrial Zone can be found here.

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