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Algeria Trans Saharan Gas Pipeline

In June 2022, the energy ministers of Algeria, Niger, and Nigeria revived a decades-old project to develop a gas pipeline that would traverse the Sahara Desert. Named the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline (TSGP), the envisioned project would connect Nigeria’s expansive Warri hydrocarbon fields to Algeria’s Hassi R’Mel feeder hub on the Mediterranean coast. Up to a trillion cubic feet of natural gas annually will pass through 2,565 miles of pipeline, with Algeria’s segment comprising 1,435 miles, more than half the total project length. Recent talks, supported by the European Union, saw the respective governments agree to establish a task force to update the project’s feasibility study, initially conducted in 2005. 
First coined in the 1970s, the project saw agreement preparations in 2002 and further developments in 2005, 2006, and 2009, when the project stalled completely. Despite skepticism from international energy experts that African natural gas will flow through a trans-Saharan pipeline anytime soon, the project may become a reality following subsequent European natural gas supply shortages resulting from the halting flow of Russian-European gas. $13 billion in new investment is required to make the TSGP a reality, $10 billion for equipment and construction, and $3 billion for gas gathering centers.    
Should development commence, this megaproject will offer substantial business opportunities in design and construction, and it will demand the contributions of various specialized suppliers. Prospects for American suppliers include: management services, gas compression stations, trenching excavators, pipeline sections, pipelayers, x-ray welding, pumps, fittings, valves, flanges, gaskets, high-pressure flow control technologies, pipeline integrity testing and inspection, advanced high-corrosion solutions, and flow measurement and maintenance technology.
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