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Tanzania Water Project

Access to safe water is a challenge in Tanzania. Close to 4 million people lack access to a source of safe water and almost half of the population does not have access to sanitation. This has created a difficult condition particularly for women and girls who are forced to travel long distances in search of clean water. There is a high demand for both water and sanitation in Tanzania. This creates a market for water products such as storage tanks, pipes, rain harvesting facilities and water treatment systems.

The current administration under President Samia Hassan has made water a priority in its development agenda. In March 2022, Tanzania received $125.3 million from Africa Development Bank (AfDB) to expand water resources and boost climate resilience in Dodoma region.

The project will involve the construction of a dam and water treatment plant to address supply challenges in Dodoma City and the towns of Bahi, Chemba and Chamwino. The project aims to improve water supply for multi-purpose use by developing water resources for Dodoma City and the three towns. It is expected to enhance access to potable water for two million people and provide better sanitation services for about 1.5 million people by 2051. Around 52% of the beneficiaries will be female.

This project creates opportunities for U.S firms to work with the Ministry of Water through bidding or proposals that can help achieve this project. For additional business insights and to analyze your company‚Äôs prospects in this growing region, contact Commercial Specialist Athanasius Lupatu at the U.S Commercial Service, U.S Embassy, Dar es Salaam,