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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced an increase the country’s defense budget from 2% to 2.5% of GDP in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

The 18-20 May 2022, Black Sea Defense and Aerospace (BSDA) trade show provides an outstanding opportunity for U.S. producers and service providers to present their companies to buyers and decision makers with immediate needs from the defense, aerospace and security sectors.

Romania’s defense investment has recently focused on air and air-defense programs. An ongoing program is the modernization of the IAR-99 fleet, and an integrated SHORAD/VSHORAD capability is to be funded between 2022 and 2025, according to the Defense budget.

A program has been established to guide the allocation of resources for the transformation, modernization and endowment of the Romanian Armed Forces capabilities/structures through 2026 and beyond, including the build-up and refilling of stocks. The financial allowances for the modernization of military endowment by means of new acquisition programs, modernization and/or general overhaul of the existing equipment will target the following categories:

  • track and wheeled combat vehicles - armored personnel carriers, MBT’s, infantry fighting vehicles and their derivatives
  • field artillery systems - MLRS, self-propelled 155 mm and 105 mm howitzers, including ammunition
  • C4ISR systems — integrated communication information systems, brigade, and division C2, specific equipment for tactical air controllers’ teams (JTAC), satellite communication system (SATCOM), network security systems, IT strategic equipment stocks, software, etc.
  • individual and group armaments and equipment — individual and collective CBRN detection and protection systems, NATO-compatible individual weapons and specific equipment, including those for special forces, portable antitank missile systems, advanced individual combat systems
  • engineering and counter IED equipment
  • armored and non-armored all-terrain vehicles
  • multifunctional transport platforms
  • combat and transport aircraft, including specific communication and positioning systems
  • medium and heavy helicopters
  • ground-based air defense systems - SHORAD/V-SHORAD; air target systems for GBAD training; deployable radio relay modules
  • combat ships - Type 22-R frigates revamping, turbines, antisubmarine tor­pedoes, antipiracy capabilities, multifunctional corvettes, missile fast attack boats, mine hunters, riverine vessels, minelayer and mi­nesweeper, assault boats and other naval platforms
  • support ships - for special forces operations, harbor and maritime tug, riverine tug and logistic support ships
  • static and mobile ISR and electronic countermeasures systems - optical and optoelectronic equipment, ISTAR equipment, radars, ground mobile electronic warfare systems for the Air Force, SCO­MAR system (Black Sea Traffic Control, Surveillance, Observati­on Complex System), CBRN reconnaissance and data processing equipment, maritime situation surveillance equipment, hydro weather systems etc.
  • UAS class 2 and 3 with capabilities for targeting ASuW and weaponized infrastructure for air bases and military sites
  • other goods for the structures’ operating support, including integra­ted security systems for military units/objectives, ROLE-2 deployable me­dical facility and security containers

For more information, please contact Ms. Monica Eremia ( Commercial Specialist at the U.S. Commercial Service Romania.