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Austria Precision Medicine

The Medical University of Vienna has announced plans to build a Precision Medicine Center, with construction to begin in 2022. Upon completion in 2025, the Center will be part of a new complex that also will include a Center for Technology Transfer and a Center for Translational Medicine, all co-located on the Vienna’s General Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna compound in central Vienna. This prestigious Precision Medicine Center project, an investment estimated at $66 million, is slated to be financed entirely by sponsors and donations. Operating costs will be split between federal and city funding sources.

The Precision Medicine Center, with over 10,000 square feet of space, will focus primarily on oncology, serving patients at the nearby General Hospital, one of the largest clinics in Europe. Secondary specializations will mirror the fields in which Vienna’s Medical University plays a leading role globally, including transplant medicine, cardiology, immunology and allergy research. Because the Center will be part of a larger complex that includes technology transfer and translational medicine capacities, it will create strong business partnering opportunities into the future.

As Vienna’s Precision Medicine Center begins to take shape, project developers have expressed strong interest in cooperation partners from the United States and are seeking introductions to potential equipment vendors, sponsors, and research institutes with a focus on precision medicine. The Center will require a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment, including:

• High-end microscopes

• Mass spectrometry equipment for proteomics research

• Flow cytometry systems

• Sequencing equipment

• Tissue culture and biobank tanks and freezers

• IT systems for computational biological analyses

• Laboratory information management system

For more information about this important project, or to arrange a meeting with the project developers, please contact Marta Haustein, Senior Commercial Specialist at CS Vienna: