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Austria Defense Procurement Opportunities

U.S. firms in the defense industry are of high renown, and well-regarded for their innovative technologies, and after-sale service and training, making them competitive for exports in Austria’s growing defense market.

Background: Neutrality has been the foundation of Austria’s security and defense policy for many decades. In view of the changed geopolitical circumstances, mainly the ongoing armed conflicts in the Ukraine in the Gaza Strip, Austria is forced to rethink its security and defense strategy. As part of that, investments of 4.02 billion Euros by the Austrian Armed Forces are planned in 2024, with the goal of an annual budget of 6 billion by the year 2027.

Opportunity: The Austrian Armed Forces are in need of a substantial increase in quality and quantity of equipment on the ground, in the air and in the information environment. Budget increases have been allocated for that, as a measure of the long-term military renewal plan titled ÖBH2032+.

Some intended purchases include:

  • large investment allocations
  • 10.3 million Euros for automotive vehicles
  • 306.2 million Euros for armored vehicles
  • 249.1 million Euros for weapons systems
  • 195 million Euros for aviation (whereof 121,1 million for AW169 Leonardo helicopters and 35 million for the replacement of c-130 Hercules air transport system)
  • increase of material expenses by 8.8% 
  • ammunition
  • clothing and gear  

Wheeled tanks, helicopters, aircraft, as well as antiaircraft missiles, drones and drone defense are listed among required military equipment.

For more information about opportunities in the defense sector in Austria, please contact Andrea Wimpissinger, Commercial Specialist at CS Vienna: