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Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Food Testing Requirements

The Myanmar Food and Drug Administration released stringent testing requirements for specific food categories.

Food and Beverage Southeast Asia Testing
Market Intelligence
Singapore Novel Foods and Plant Protein

Singapore has approved “lab-grown” meat products for sale. The interest in meat substitutes inspired Singapore’s Safety Assessment Requirements for Novel Foods,

Food and Beverage Singapore
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Agribusiness & Farm Water

Demand for fresh water resources technology, essential to New Zealand’s farming community, presents potential export opportunities for U.S. producers. 

Agribusiness New Zealand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Japan Dietary Supplements Market Update

Japan is an attractive market for U.S. dietary supplements makers, but exporters must effectively navigate the country’s complex health claim labeling system.

Food and Beverage Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Kenya Agriculture and Irrigation

Kenya seeks partners to achieve 1.2 million irrigated acres by 2022. 

Agribusiness Kenya
Market Intelligence
Singapore Food Resilience Road Map

Singapore has a goal to meet 30 percent of its populations nutritional needs by 2030.  

Agribusiness Singapore
Market Intelligence
Japan Agricultural Fertilizer Market

Japan’s Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center (FAMIC) manages the approval of fertilizers that enter Japan’s agricultural market. 

Agribusiness Japan Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Mexico Front of Package Labeling

Mexico’s Health and Sanitary Risk Authority has published a manual outlining the requirements for complying with its front of package labeling requirements.

Food and Beverage Mexico Trade Facilitation
Market Intelligence
Peru Agribusiness Sector

Growing agricultural exports from Peru demand technological and innovative solutions, an opportunity for U.S. agricultural technology suppliers.

Agribusiness Peru
Market Intelligence
China Agricultural Machinery Market

China’s effort to boost mechanization in agricultural sectors creates opportunities for U.S. manufacturers.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery China
Market Intelligence
Chile Agriculture Equipment & Technology

High energy costs and the impact of climate change are pushing Chile’s lucrative agriculture sector to adopt efficient equipment and technologies. 

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Chile
Market Intelligence
Panama Law Creates Food Agency (APA)

A new regulatory body in Panama will oversee food imports and phytosanitary standards.

Healthcare Panama Public Administration
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Plan

Mozambique is vulnerable to hazardous weather events. U.S. companies that can offer sustainable construction solutions are encouraged to consider this market.

Agribusiness Africa Finance
Market Intelligence
UAE Companies Law

United Arab Emirates – Federal Companies Law is Amended to Allow 100% Foreign Ownership. 

Agribusiness United Arab Emirates Market Access
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

In Ukraine there are significant opportunities for U.S. suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Agribusiness Ukraine Trade Development