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Market Intelligence
Ghana AfCFTA Guided Trade Initiative

Concrete Movement Forward on Trade in Goods Among Select AfCFTA Parties.

Equipment and Machinery Africa Free Trade Areas
Market Intelligence
Ghana Cold Chain

Equipment and training solutions for food transport and storage in Ghana. 

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Ghana Cold Storage
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Cold Chain Solutions

Post-harvest losses in Tanzania range from 15 -40 % depending on the type of crop. Cold chain facilities are needed. 

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Sub-Saharan Africa Quality Assurance
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture is New Zealand’s biggest industry.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Brazil Import Duties on Aluminum Sheets

Brazil  has temporarily reduced import duties on aluminum sheets, opening an opportunity for U.S. companies interested in exporting Aluminum sheets to Brazil.

Composites Brazil
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Budget Analysis 2022/23

Among of the main objectives Tanzania’s budget is to build the economy,and reduce poverty and unemployment, especially to the youth.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Kenya Cold Chain Solutions

Kenya’s growing, largely agricultural based economy is creating a demand for new cold chain solutions.  

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Kenya
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Agricultural Equipment

U.S. companies that can supply equipment and technology for food processing plants have great opportunity in the Ethiopian market.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Philippine Cold Chain Sector

U.S. companies focused on cold chain technologies for food handling and processing can find export opportunities. 

Equipment and Machinery Philippines Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Argentina: New Nutritional Labeling Requirements

The Argentine Government introduces a new nutritional labeling requirement.

Food and Beverage Argentina
Market Intelligence
Colombia Fertilizer Market

Colombia relies on imported raw materials for fertilizer production.

Agricultural Chemicals Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico Trade Facilitation

The Mexican government has exempted traders and logistics providers from complying with recently enacted requirements related to the Carta Porte Complement.

Agribusiness Mexico Customs and Boarder Measures
Market Intelligence
Ghana CARES Program

The Ghanaian Government’s industrial development priorities for 2022 and 2023 are outlined in its CARES Progam. 

Agribusiness Ghana Development Plans
Market Intelligence
Ghana Oil and Gas Sector

Recent surges in international energy prices help spur initiatives to expand Ghana’s oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Ghana
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Food and Beverages

U.S. pre-packaged food and beverage products can now be sold in El Salvador with a provisional permit while completing the registration process. 

Food and Beverage El Salvador