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Information and Communication Technology

This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.

Last published date: 2020-11-18


The Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC) is focused on modernizing Qatar via the Qatar Smart Nation program, also known as Tasmu, a five-year $1.64 billion initiative launched in 2017 to develop Qatar’s ICT infrastructure and transform Doha into one of most connected cities globally.  ICT modernization is a central pillar of Vision 2030, which is Qatar’s national plan for development and diversification, since it lays the technology needed to create high-paying jobs of the future ad to attract international companies. 5G rollout is underway and slated to be completed by the end of 2020 in the country’s most populated areas.

The Qatar Smart Nation Program, led by MOTC with input from numerous other Ministries, aims to harness technology and innovation to improve quality of life and help drive sustainable economic development across five priority sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

At QITCOM 2019, Qatar’s largest annual ICT convention and trade show, MOTC asserted publicly that Tasmu is expected to contribute at least $11 billion of projected nominal gross domestic product to the Qatari economy. 

Individual government agencies, including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Municipality and Environment, continue their respective “digitization” strategies, as part of Qatar’s E-government 2020 objective, creating several opportunities for U.S. companies.

In the past year, Qatar has made impressive strides and announcements aimed at achieving its Smart Nation goals, including the establishment of a $1 billion Microsoft Azure Data Center, which is forecast for completion in 2021. Cloud services, ICT software and hardware, and IT services are all forecast to continue growing in the coming years.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Smart City Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • E-commerce and
  • Telemedicine
  • Financial Technology

Opportunities & Major Trade Shows

  • Qatar IT Conference and Exhibition, QITCOM

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