Pakistan - Country Commercial Guide
Joint Ventures/Licensing

Discusses the legal requirements/options for joint venture/licensing in this market.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

The three principal routes to entering the Pakistan market are: (1) formation of a wholly-owned private company; (2) formation of a public limited company (foreign firm retains majority control, but seeks public participation through stock flotation); and (3) establishment of a company in cooperation with joint venture partners who supply local expertise, management and capital.

Joint ventures may be either private or a public companies. Joint ventures are an attractive option because many local entrepreneurs have built a substantial market base and seek to combine their knowledge of local markets with foreign capital and technological know-how. The foreign joint venture partner limits its initial country exposure while enjoying the support of a local partner in a new market. Prominent joint ventures have been established in the automobile, fertilizer, electronics and home appliances, financial services, food and consumer product, and energy sectors.

Firms wanting to delay direct entry into the Pakistan market should consider licensing arrangements with Pakistani firms, an option that permits them to enter the market in stages if the initial response is promising.