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Did you know that Israel is already the largest Middle East investor in the United States? As of 2019, there is $36.6 billion of Israeli investment in the United States. This investment supports close to 27,000 jobs across the country. Israeli investment also supports approximately $958 million in goods exports. 

Headquartered at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., SelectUSA is the first point of contact for companies that are looking to grow their business in the United States. SelectUSA provides market information and connects businesses with the right people on the state and local level. Working with SelectUSA, Israeli companies can develop a better understanding of how to navigate the U.S. regulatory environment. 

SelectUSA Tech was launched in 2014 to give early-stage technology companies, particularly startups and entrepreneurs, the tools they need to launch their businesses in the United States

If your company is considering establishing or expanding operations in the United States, please contact us today!  Ms. Sigal Mendelovich, the Tel Aviv-based SelectUSA Investment Specialist, stands ready to discuss your investment goals and objectives.





  Sigal Mendelovich
  Investment Specialist




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