China EU India Tariffs

Foreign Retaliations

The following countries have retaliatory tariffs on specific exports from the United States currently in effect*:

  • China 
  • The European Union** 
  • India 
  • Russia 
  • Turkey 
  • The United Kingdom

**On May 24, 2021, the United Kingdom announced a preliminary list of retaliatory tariffs in response to the U.S. 232 Steel and Aluminum tariffs of 2018. This list has not yet been implemented, but the United Kingdom has initiated a consultation for input by stakeholders affected by the U.S. 232 tariffs. The United Kingdom notes that ultimately it will apply retaliatory tariffs on just a subset of the products in its proposed list. This website will be updated when these retaliatory tariffs are implemented. 

****In June 2021, the European Union and the United Kingdom announced a five year suspension of retaliatory tariffs related to the WTO Large Civil Aircraft dispute with the United States. All tariff lines relevant to the dispute will be suspended while both parties work with the U.S. toward an agreeable resolution to the dispute.  


To assist U.S. companies in identifying those exports impacted by foreign retaliatory tariffs, the Department of Commerce’s Industry & Analysis unit has compiled the following resources: 


The information set forth above regarding foreign retaliatory measures has been provided as a public service for general reference. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented is complete and accurate as of June 17, 2021. The information will be updated as new developments occur.

The actual tariff classification and assessment of duties is determined by customs authorities in the relevant foreign country. Moreover, countries may elect to increase tariffs or otherwise amend tariff treatment at any time. For definitive guidance, parties should contact the government customs agency in the appropriate foreign country.

Additional Information 

To the extent retaliatory measures impact agriculture exports, please consult the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Global Agriculture Information Network (GAIN) reports

For additional information on China Section 301 investigations, please visit USTR’s official Section 301 website.

Phase One Deal with China

For the most recent information regarding Phase One deal with China, see USTR’s Press Release on the deal.