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Our team of U.S. and international industry specialists are dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of the U.S. environmental technologies industry, expanding market access, and increasing exports.
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U.S. Environmental Tech Virtual Mexico Summit
Join the U.S. Commercial Service for a virtual summit to promote U.S. environmental technology exports to Mexico. The Summit will feature multiple panels of industry and government experts as well as virtual networking.
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Environmental Technologies Top Market Report
The 2019 Environmental Technologies Top Markets Report identifies and ranks export markets where focusing finite government resources will have the greatest impact to increase commercial opportunities for U.S. companies.

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International Trade Administration Contacts for the Environmental Technologies Industry

The International Trade Administration offers a range of industry expertise and business development opportunities for U.S. environmental technologies exporters including market intelligence, trade data, and trade events leveraging our Office of Energy and Environmental Industries and the U.S. Commercial Service’s worldwide network located in 100 offices nationwide and in more than 70 international offices.

Environmental Technologies Contacts

Take advantage of the expertise offered across the International Trade Administration export value chain.

Office of Energy and Environmental Industries 

Amy Kreps
Senior Environmental Technology Trade Specialist
I&A Office of Energy and Environmental Industries
U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration
Email: amy.kreps@trade.gov
Phone: 202-603-4765 

Global Environmental Team Leader & SubSector Leads

Looking for information on upcoming trade events or other business development opportunities? 

Please contact the Global Environmental Technologies Team Leader:

Ryan Russell
Global Environmental Technologies Team Leader

Elizabeth Laxague
Deputy Team Leader for Water/Wastewater

Hector Rodriguez
Deputy Team Leader for Solid Waste and Recycling

U.S. Commercial Service Offices in the United States

Looking for local assistance in the environmental technologies industry?  Locate the office nearest you.

Name Title Location State Email Address
Amy Ryan Senior International Trade Specialist Birmingham AL Amy.Ryan@trade.gov
Robert Stackpole Director Birmingham AL Robert.Stackpole@trade.gov
James Aardappel USEAC Director Little Rock AR James.Aardappel@trade.gov
Christina Parisi International Trade Specialist Tucson AZ Christina.Parisi@trade.gov
Ruth Soberanes International Trade Specialist Phoenix AZ Ruth.Soberanes@trade.gov
Aron Davidson Senior International Trade Specialist San Diego CA Aron.Davidson@trade.gov
Douglas Wallace Director San Francisco CA Douglas.Wallace@trade.gov
Elizabeth Krauth USEAC Director San Rafael CA Elizabeth.Krauth@trade.gov
George Tastard USEAC Director Sacramento CA George.Tastard@trade.gov
Glen Roberts USEAC Director Fresno CA Glen.Roberts@trade.gov
James Bledsoe ECommerce Innovation Lab San Jose CA James.Bledsoe@trade.gov
Jasmine Braswell Senior International Trade Specialist Irvine CA Jasmine.Braswell@trade.gov
Jim Mayfield Office Director Newport Beach CA Jim.Mayfield@trade.gov
Leticia Arias International Trade Specialist Los Angeles  CA Leticia.Arias@trade.gov
Maria Elena Rivero Senior International Trade Specialist San Francisco CA Maria.Rivero@trade.gov
Natalie Hatour Commercial Officer Los Angeles CA Natalie.Hatour@trade.gov
Rod Hirsch USEAC Director Oakland CA Rod.Hirsch@trade.gov
Shannon Fraser Senior International Trade Specialist San Jose CA Shannon.Fraser@trade.gov
Tony Michalski Senior International Trade Specialist Newport Beach CA Tony.Michalski@trade.gov
Lana Lennberg Senior International Trade Specialist Denver CO Lana.Lennberg@trade.gov
Anthony Sargis Senior International Trade Specialist Middletown CT Anthony.Sargis@trade.gov
Amy Kreps International Trade Specialist Washington DC DC Amy.Kreps@trade.gov
Barbara White International Trade Specialist Washington DC DC Barbara.White@trade.gov
Diana Hajali International Trade Specialist Washington DC DC Diana.Hajali@trade.gov
Gemal Brangman Senior Advisor, Trade Missions Washington DC DC Gemal.Brangman@trade.gov
Suzanne Platt China Desk – Energy & Environmental Technologies Washington DC DC Suzanne.Platt@trade,gov
Tracy Gerstle International Trade Specialist Washington DC DC Tracy.Gerstle@trade.gov
Yolinda Qu China Desk    Washington DC DC Yolinda.Qu@trade.gov
Jorge Arce Office Director Jacksonville, Gainsville,
Tallahassee, Pensacola
FL Jorge.Arce@trade.gov
Miguel Olivares Senior International Trade Specialist Fort Lauderdale FL Miguel.Olivares@trade.gov
Mindi Hertzog Senior International Trade Specialist Orlando FL Mindi.Hertzog@trade.gov
Sandra Campbell Director Tampa Bay FL Sandra.Campbell@trade.gov
Amy Benson Office Director Boise ID Amy.Benson@trade.gov
Jay Park Commercial Officer Boise ID Jay.Park@trade.gov
Bailey Rowell International Trade Specialist Chicago Il Bailey.Rowell@trade.gov
Sara Moreno USEAC Director Lexington KY Sara.Moreno@trade.gov
Charlotte Conerly International Trade Specialist New Orleans LA Charlotte.Conerly@trade.gov 
Erin Butler Director New Orleans LA Erin.Butler@trade.gov
John Henry Jackson International Trade Specialist New Orleans LA JH.Jackson@trade.gov
Maryanne Burke Global Team Leader - Marine Tech Boston MA Maryanne.Burke@trade.gov
Jolanta Coffey Senior International Trade Specialist Baltimore MD Jolanta.Coffey@trade.gov
Jeffrey Porter USEAC Director Portland ME Jeffrey.Porter@trade.gov
Allie vanDriel International Trade Specialist Grand Rapids MI Allie.VanDriel@trade.gov 
Monica McFarlane Senior International Trade Specialist Minneapolis MN Monica.McFarlane@trade.gov
Michael Bromley Commercial Officer St. Louis MO  Michael.Bromley@trade.gov
Carey Hester International Trade Specialist Helena MT Carey.Hester@trade.gov
Crystal Mills International Trade Specialist Charlotte NC Crystal.Mills@trade.gov
Frances Selema Senior International Trade Specialist Greensboro NC Frances.Selema@trade.gov
Heather Ranck Director/Global Team Leader Fargo ND Heather.Ranck@trade.gov
Justin Oslowski USEAC Director Portsmouth NH Justin.Oslowski@trade.gov
Brian Beams International Trade Specialist Newark NJ Brian.Beams@trade.gov
Christopher Feather Commercial Officer Trenton NJ Christopher.Feather@trade.gov
Janice Barlow Acting Office Director Lawrenceville NJ Janice.Barlow@trade.gov
Hector Rodriguez Senior International Trade Specialist Las Vegas NV Hector.Rodriguez@trade.gov
Janis Kalnins Director Reno NV Janis.Kalnins@trade.gov
Cathy Gibbons Senior International Trade Specialist Westchester NY Cathy.Gibbons@trade.gov 
John Tracy Senior International Trade Specialist Buffalo NY John.Tracy@trade.gov
Marisel Trespalacios Senior International Trade Specialist Long Island NY Marisel.Trespalacios@trade.gov
Mark Fleming Senior International Trade Specialist New York NY Mark.Fleming@trade.gov
Chris Simpson International Trade Specialist Cincinnati OH Chris.Simpson@trade.gov
Todd Hiser Senior International Trade Specialist Cleveland OH Todd.Hiser@trade.gov
Haisum Shah International Trade Specialist Portland OR Haisum.Shah@trade.gov
Tony Pu International Trade Specialist Philadelphia PA Tony.Pu@trade.gov
Brie Knox Director Nashville TN Brie.Knox@trade.gov
Danielle Caltabiano Global Team Leader - Energy Houston TX Danielle.Caltabiano@trade.gov
John Kim International Trade Specialist Dallas-Fort Worth TX John.Kim@trade.gov
Kenneth Haynes Senior International Trade Specialist Dallas-Fort Worth TX Kenneth.Haynes@trade.gov
Pam Plagens Global Team Leader - Advanced Manufacturing Houston TX Pam.Plagens@trade.gov
Peter Tataris Senior International Trade Specialist Houston TX Peter.Tataris@trade.gov
Steven Garrett Senior International Trade Specialist Houston TX Steven.Garrett@trade.gov
Thomas Meade Senior International Trade Specialist Seattle UAE Thomas.Meade@trade.gov
Daniel Bruner International Trade Specialist Salt Lake City UT Daniel.Bruner@trade.gov
Dusan Marinkovic Senior International Trade Specialist NOVA VA Dusan.Marinkovac@trade.gov
Bob Deane International Trade Specialist Seattle WA Bob.Deane@trade.gov
Elizabeth Laxague Senior International Trade Specialist Milwaukee WI Elizabeth.Laxague@trade.gob

Can’t find a specialist in your state?  Use our zip code look-up to locate the office nearest you.

Zip Code Look-Up: https://www.trade.gov/commercial-services-offices-us