Enforcement and Compliance
We work to ensure a level playing field for U.S. industries by defending against unfair trade and ensuring compliance with existing trade agreements.

Enforcement and Compliance Careers

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What Does Enforcement and Compliance Do?

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A Day in The Life of an E&C Employee

Enforcement and Compliance (E&C) works at the intersection of economics, trade, foreign policy, and law.  We hire international trade compliance analysts, import policy analysts, economists, accountants, and international trade specialists. 

Depending on the assignment, an employee could work on the following: 

  • Meet with colleagues to discuss a trade remedy issue, troubleshoot errors in our statistical program, conduct legal research to understand thorny issues, or present a recommendation to the Assistant Secretary.  
  • Travel to another country to meet with foreign company representatives to analyze the information they have shared with Commerce and delve into the company’s books and records. 
  • Perform critical supply chain analysis, to include tracking global and import trade patterns for aluminum and steel, helping U.S. producers remain competitive. 
  • Negotiate trade agreement positions that bolster economic opportunity for U.S. companies and ensure fair and equitable treatment of U.S. exports. 
  • Ensure U.S. trading partners honor their bilateral, regional, and World Trade Organization commitments to the United States through trade agreement monitoring and compliance efforts
  • Administer the Foreign-Trade Zones program, enhancing the competitiveness of U.S. companies and allowing the creation of more U.S.-based jobs and investment. 

Internships, Recent College Graduates, and Presidential Management Fellows

At E&C, we seek candidates that are looking for a career, not just a job.  While you can be immediately impactful in E&C, many roles require several years to become a technical expert.  Once you become a technical expert, you may become the world’s leading expert in your subject area.  

Continuous learning and developmental opportunities are encouraged for all staff.  We provide ample opportunities for professional development as you start a career in E&C.

Common E&C Positions

International Trade Compliance Analyst

Do you want to analyze the dumping and subsidization of foreign imports into the U.S. market?  Do you want to travel to other countries across the world to investigate and verify unfair trade practices?  International Trade Compliance Analyst might be the career for you.

International Economist

Do you want to apply your understanding of economic theory and best practices in the field to analyze various economic developments related to antidumping and countervailing duty and other trade remedies?  International Economist could be the career for you.

Import Policy Analyst

Do you want to further the policy development of the U.S. Trade Remedy Laws, which play an important role in maintaining the level playing field necessary for a properly functioning global trading system? Do you want to remedy the distorting effects of unfair trade adversely affecting businesses and workers?  Import Policy Analyst could be the career for you.

International Trade Specialist

Do you want to monitor multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements and identify trade barriers?  Do you want to evaluate whether existing trade agreements are sufficient to guarantee fair treatment of U.S. companies?  International Trade Specialist could be the career for you.


Do you want to analyze the business structures and cost accounting systems of foreign companies as well as conduct legal and policy analysis of U.S. statutory and World Trade Organization obligations using accounting skills and procedures? Do you want to travel to other countries to investigate unfair trade practices? Accountant could be the career for you.


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What we value in our colleagues

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Insatiable Curiosity

Desire to discover more about disparate subjects within international trade and experience applying this curiosity to international trade, economics, or accounting. 

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Interpersonal and collaborative communication and ability to work with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and with distinct skillsets. 

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Critical Analysis

Experience and aptitude distinguishing the signal from the noise.

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Time Management

Ability to distinguish the important from the urgent and juggle both.