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Guardian Forensics Consultants offers expertise in digital forensics, computer forensics, Cell Phone Forensics, Mobile Devices, eDiscovery, Internet, and social media investigations. Our clients include Law Firms, Attorneys, Corporations, Insurance Claims, Government/Intelligence agencies, and Private Individuals. Our services also include a wide range of Cybersecurity engagements that include Data Breach, Incident Response, and Ransomware clean up services. We provide highly personalized, case-specific, digital forensic collection and analysis, litigation support services in Corporate Investigations, Civil Litigation, and Criminal Defense work. Guardian also specializes in document and media exploitation (DOMEX) which refers to the extraction, translation, and analysis of physical and digital documents and media to generate useful and timely information. DOMEX is a very similar discipline to computer forensics or digital forensics but is aimed more at generating intelligence rather than evidence to be used in a court of law.


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