Vietnam - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
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The Ministry of Science and Technology has the primary responsibility of coordinating with specialized management ministries in amending and supplementing the compulsory contents of goods labels. 

Decree No 21/2011/ND-CP requires producers and importers to affix equipment and vehicles with energy labels pursuant to the Law on Energy Conservation. The regulation provides for two types of energy labels: comparative labels, which provide information on energy consumption, efficiency, and other information to help consumers select energy-saving equipment and vehicles; and certification labels, which certify equipment and vehicles that have the highest energy efficiency compared to others of the same type. 

Decree No. 43/2017ND-CP on Goods Labels prescribes the contents and ways of recording, and guide management of the label of goods circulated in Vietnam and imported goods. Goods labels must include the following contents: the name of the goods; the name and address of the organization or individual responsible for the goods; and the origin of goods and other contents according to the nature of each kind of goods. Specifically, for commodity groups of food, labels must be quantitative, have a production date, expiry date, and warning information (if any). For alcohol, the label must be quantitative, shelf life (if any), preservation instructions (for wines), warning information (if any), and batch identification (if any). For goods imported into Vietnam but not yet shown or expressing compulsory contents in Vietnamese, there must be auxiliary labels that show compulsory contents in Vietnamese, while keeping the original labels of goods. The auxiliary labels are also used with non-exported or returned goods which are put on the market and must be labeled in bold, “Made in Vietnam”. For labels and commercial packings with goods labels manufactured or printed before June 1, 2017, they may continue to be used until June 1, 2019. This Decree takes effect on June 1, 2017, and Decree No. 89/2006 / ND-CP (of August 30, 2006) shall expire as from the effective date of this decree.