Sweden - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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There are many market opportunities in Sweden for U.S. companies, especially for cutting-edge technologies and services.

  • Sweden has a long-established tradition of expertise in manufacturing and engineering, mining, shipbuilding, and the life sciences, which makes it a highly receptive market to new advanced technologies. 
  • There is a strong demand for the new, disruptive technologies that improve productivity and connectivity.  This includes digitalization solutions and services that lower production costs and improve efficiency, as well as equipment and services within safety/security, including cybersecurity.
  • In Europe’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2022, Sweden ranks 4th out of the 27 EU Member States.  The countries are scored on connectivity (9th), human capital (4th), integration of digital technology (3rd) and digital public services (9th).
  • Since Swedes are early adopters of new technologies, Sweden is considered to be an ideal test market, albeit an expensive one.  In 2017, the government launched a program called Testbed Sweden to attract innovative technologies into the country for development and piloting.
  • Sweden’s commitment to sustainability across industry sectors drives market demand for U.S. products and services in renewable energy, low/zero carbon, green technologies and energy efficiency.
  • Sweden’s rapid developments in smart grid, decarbonization, alternative energy, cybersecurity and e-health make the country a critically important market for U.S. companies offering innovative technologies.
  • English is widely spoken, and English is the language used for business communications.