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Sweden is a sophisticated market featuring affluent, well-educated, and open-minded consumers who speak very good English and spend 12 percent of their disposable income on food.  Sweden’s location as one of the world’s most northern countries means that the growing season in Sweden is comparatively short.  Sweden, therefore relies on imports.
In 2022, total Swedish imports of agricultural and related products totaled $25.414 billion of which $275 million originated from the United States.  U.S. producers are professional, offer great variety, and deliver products with a consistent quality.  U.S. farmers have a good story to tell about sustainability, farm-to-table supply chains, and their State/regional heritage.  It is highly recommended that U.S. exporters study the Swedish import requirements carefully.  Shipping time & costs, import tariffs, and EU labeling regulations make U.S. products more expensive.  Some U.S. food products suffer from a negative perception among Swedish consumers due to misinformation and an image issues.  There is fierce competition on price, quality, uniqueness, and innovation from other EU member states and from third countries that have negotiated lower tariff rates, such as Canada and Mexico.

Table 1: Total Market Size for Agricultural Exports 2019-2022
Agricultural & Related Imports, In USD million2019202020212022
Total Local Productionn.a.n.a.n.a. 799
Total Exports15,07514,60419,08219,588
Total Imports21,52820,52822,89625,414
Imports from the US
Total Market Sizen.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Exchange Ratesn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Although a small market, Sweden offers export opportunities for U.S. exporters of specialty foods, alcoholic beverages, tree nuts, and products with a special certification, like organics.  There is an overall growing demand for functional, fresh, and processed food products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Table 2: Sweden, Best High-Value Products Prospects, $1,000
ProductTotal Imports, 2022Imports from the U.S., 2022 (U.S. market share)Key Constraints on Market DevelopmentMarket Attractiveness for USA
Sauces and Condiments HS210390193,25715,669 (8%)Competition from other EU MS and also Thailand and the U.K.Growing demand for sauces, preparations, condiments, and seasonings due to Sweden’s strong grilling traditions, especially during the summer.
Live Horses HS01012118,2614,433 (24%)Competition from other EU MSGrowing demand for purebreds in Sweden.
Whiskies HS22083081,8973,989 (5%)Competition from the U.K. and IrelandThe Swedes prefer good quality whiskies.
Pet Food HS230910272,8171,237 (<1%)Competition from other EU MS, and Canada, China, and ThailandDemand for petfood is up.
Packed and Mixed Nuts HS20081984,879676 (1%)Competition from other EU MS, and Turkey and VietnamGrowing demand for retail-ready packaged mixed nuts.
Non-alcoholic Beverages HS220299161,564601 (<1%)Competition from other EU MSThe Swedes like well-known branded and innovative beverages, including non-alcoholic craft beer.
Sweet Potatoes HS0714205,891304 (5%)Some competition from Spain and Egypt.  Imports from other EU MS are all re-exported products.Demand for (processed) sweet potatoes continues to grow.

Source: Trade Data Monitor


Swedes have an interest in experimenting with new and innovative products and cuisines.  There is a growing demand for fresh, organic, and free-from food products due to a greater awareness regarding health.  Swedish buyers regularly travel the world to see/buy new product and make new contacts, so exporters should consider exhibiting at one of Europe’s trade shows (see partial list below). 

Trade shows

Check the websites of the various trade shows for updates, as many trade shows are being postponed or canceled.


International Confectionary Fair (ISM);  Cologne, Germany; Jan 28 - 31, 2024   

Contact Hanna.Khan@usda.gov

Tel: +49-3083-05-1152

Fruit Logistica; Berlin, Germany; Feb 7-9, 2024    

Contact Hanna.Khan@usda.gov

Tel: +49-3083-05-1152

BioFach; Feb 13-16, 2024        

Contact Hanna.Khan@usda.gov

Tel: +49-3083-05-1152

ProWein Düsseldorf, Germany; March 10-12, 2024  
Contact Hanna.Khan@usda.gov

Tel: +49-3083-05-1152

PLMA World of Private Label; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; May 28-29, 2024    

Contact Marcel.Pinckaers@usda.gov

Tel: +31-70-3102-305

SIAL, Paris, Paris, France; Oct 19-23, 2024     
Contact Laurent.journo@usda.gov

Tel: +33 1 43 122 245


Free From Food Expo; Nov 21-22, 2023       
Amsterdam, The Netherlands           

Contact Marcel.Pinckaers@usda.gov

Tel: +31 70 3102 305


The Agricultural Service at the American Embassy in The Hague represents the interest of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) in the Netherlands and Nordic countries.

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