Singapore - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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Many U.S. exporters successfully use direct exporting through the appointment of agents or distributors to serve Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets.  Other market entry strategies include licensing, franchising, joint ventures, and wholly owned subsidiaries.

Singapore firms are aggressive when it comes to representing new products and usually respond enthusiastically to new opportunities.  Price, quality, and service are the three main factors for Singapore buyers.  U.S. exporters should be aware that competition is strong, and buyers expect good after-sales service.  Selling techniques vary according to the industry and product and are comparable to the techniques used in most other sophisticated markets. 

It is also important for U.S. firms to visit their representatives in Singapore on a regular basis.  A well-developed social media and marketing strategy is growing in importance as Singapore and ASEAN consumers are avid users of e-commerce.  Increasingly, Singapore companies are recognizing the importance of embedding sustainability into their business operations and considerations.