Nicaragua - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling Requirements
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The Nicaraguan Technical Standard on Prepackaged Foods for Human Consumption requires prepackaged foods be labeled in Spanish and indicate product origin, contents, price, weight, production date, and expiration date.  The Ministry of Development, Industry, and Trade’s Standards Office will determine whether the product complies with the labeling requirements, once the product has been registered with the Sanitation Office at MINSA.

The MINSA Pharmaceutical Office requires that pharmaceutical products be packaged and labeled in Spanish for retail distribution and that their dosages be clearly indicated.

Companies participating in government tenders must submit sample products with required labels in Spanish.  Nicaragua is a signatory of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.  Under this protocol, Nicaragua requires that agricultural goods containing more than 5 percent living modified organisms (LMOs) be labeled to indicate that they “may contain” LMOs.