Nepal - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
Last published date:

The following products are prohibited for import:

  • Products injurious to health:  a) narcotic drugs such as opium and morphine; and b) liquor containing more than 60 percent alcohol.
  • Arms, ammunition, and explosives (except under government import license):  a) materials used in the production of arms and ammunition; b) guns and cartridges; c) caps other than those of paper; and d) arms, ammunition, and other explosives.
  • Communications equipment:  wireless walkie-talkies and other similar audio communication equipment (except under import license of the Government of Nepal).
  • Valuable metals and jewelry (except permitted under bag and baggage regulations).
  • Beef and beef products (five-star hotels are allowed to import beef with a special license issued by the Department of Commerce).

Any other product as per notification of the Government of Nepal in the Nepal Gazette, published by the Department of Printing.  Such notices can be obtained from the Department of Printing by making a request to the Director General at fax: 977-1-4228774.