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Montenegro’s health care sector relies on imports due to limited domestic production.  Exports to Montenegro mainly come from Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States.  The market has seen considerable growth over the last ten years, with the prospect of further growth in the coming years as the vast majority of equipment in public hospitals is outdated and expensive to maintain.

The Ministry of Health is the main actor in the Montenegrin medical equipment market.  The Ministry develops health policy, proposes the health care budget and the investment program for the sector, and monitors the work of state-owned health institutions.  Currently, all procurements are tendered through the Ministry of Health.

U.S.-manufactured medical equipment enjoys an excellent reputation in Montenegro for its state–of–the–art technology, quality, and reliability.  The best sales prospects for U.S. medical equipment are cardiovascular diagnostic equipment, non–invasive surgical devices, anesthesia and intensive care equipment, diagnostic imaging (CTs, MRIs), radiation therapy equipment, as well as ultrasound equipment, urology equipment, laboratory and testing equipment, tissue and blood bank equipment, hospital care equipment, and hospital information systems.


There are opportunities in the Montenegrin market for the U.S. manufacturers of sophisticated diagnostic equipment such as electrocardiographs, endoscopes, and scanners.  Several private clinics have opened in Montenegro as well, which will lead to more opportunities for U.S. companies.


Ministry of Health

Dragoslav Scekic, Minister

81000 Podgorica, Rimski trg 46

Phone: +382 20 482 133

Web site: 


Fund for Health Insurance

Vuk Kadic, Director

81000 Podgorica, Vaka Đurović b.b.

Phone: + 382 20 404 101; Fax: + 382 20 665 314

Web site:


Institute for Public Health

Igor Galic, Director

81000 Podgorica, Dzona Dzeksona bb

Phone: +382 20 412 888;

Web site: