Mali - Country Commercial Guide
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U.S. companies enjoy a competitive advantage in the pharmaceuticals sector.  However, illegal imports and the import of counterfeit pharmaceutical products pose significant problems.  In addition to traditional wholesalers and retailers, Mali’s large informal sector imports and sells pharmaceuticals without authorization.  Mali’s first pharmaceutical factory has had financial difficulties and has produced only limited products for domestic consumption.  A second pharmaceutical factory opened in 2018.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Mali imports numerous pharmaceutical products and the sector is dynamic.  Due to lack of factories, expertise, and infrastructure, Mali will continue to import large quantities of all kinds of pharmaceuticals in the next several years.  However, illegal imports will likely continue to be a problem.


The likelihood of successful pharmaceutical sales will be greatly increased by using a local representative with an existing distribution network of small and large pharmacies.  Having local partners that are also registered with Mali’s pharmaceutical guild and the Ministry of Health will also ensure Malian authorities can provide support in cases of counterfeit medicines and illegal importation.


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