Malaysia - Country Commercial Guide
Market Overview
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Malaysia is an upper middle-income economy with a population of over 34 million. The country’s growing affluent middle class increasingly drives consumer and business demand for quality goods and services. U.S. products and brands are favorably viewed and enjoy a strong presence in many sectors, including technology, machinery, electronics, medical equipment, and franchising.

U.S. exporters looking to expand their market presence in Malaysia can benefit from the country’s developed infrastructure, an English-speaking business and consumer environment, a well-established legal framework, and the ability to repatriate capital and profits. Malaysia is generally considered an easy and cost-competitive market for doing business. The United States is Malaysia’s third-largest trading partner, and U.S. exports of goods to Malaysia were valued at over $18 billion in 2022.

Political & Economic Environment:  State Department’s website for background on the country’s political environment.