Malawi - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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U.S. products are generally well regarded.  There is significant demand for pharmaceuticals, used clothing, telecommunications equipment, used vehicles, agricultural machinery, and mechanical parts.  As the government seeks to address infrastructure needs, opportunities may open in the manufacturing, hospitality, and construction sectors.  In the agricultural sector, agro-processing, storage, cleaning, and grading facilities and equipment represent areas for potential U.S. investment.  Investment opportunities exist in electricity generation (hydro, solar, wind, and coal), mining, and tourism.  There are over 22 U.S.-affiliated companies doing business in Malawi, including two of the principal processors and exporters of tobacco, seed companies, a hotel chain, discount retailers, and distributors and franchisees of U.S. brands.  Malawi does not have an American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), but all private sector players can register with the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI), which acts as a voice for the private sector.