Guatemala - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
Last published date:

SIECA is the technical and administrative unit that guides and coordinates the economic integration agenda, in which technical regulations are analyzed and resolved. Central American Technical Regulations, (RTCA in Spanish) have been issued and published for processed food products, and include: 

a. General labeling, 

 RTCA 67.01.07:10

b. Nutritional labeling, 

 RTCA 67.01.60:10

c. Additives,

 RTCA 67.04.54:10

d. Sanitary licenses and Product registration, 

 RTCA 67.01.31:07

 e. Liquor labeling

RTCA 67.01.05:11

f. Microbiological criteria

 RTCA 67.04.50:17

g. Fruit nectars

 RTCA 67.04.48:08

h. Dairy and Cheeses

 RTCA 67.04.73:17

The RTCAs apply to all Central American countries, though the extent of the implementation and interpretation may vary from country to country