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This is a best prospect industry sector for this country.  Includes a market overview and trade data.

Last published date: 2021-09-30


Republic of Cyprus:

For many years, Cyprus was the only EU member state without universal health coverage, but the ROC launched a new National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in April 2019.  Despite some initial problems, efforts continue to integrate more private clinics and doctors into the system.  The first phase of implementation began on June 1, 2019, with the introduction of outpatient care services, and the second on June 1, 2020 with the introduction of inpatient care services.  The ROC does not have a domestic medical equipment manufacturing industry and about 90 percent of all medical equipment is imported from EU countries.  It does, however, have a large manufacturing industry for generic pharmaceuticals, which welcomes related U.S. products and equipment.

Area Administered by Turkish Cypriots:

Turkish Cypriot health “authorities” attempt to harmonize health “legislation” with EU standards.  They follow World Health Organization international health regulations and have worked with counterparts in the ROC to address global issues such as Ebola and COVID-19. Turkish Cypriots received significant medical supplies and vaccines from Turkey during the COVID19 pandemic – vaccines mostly of Chinese origin. Turkish Cypriots also received vaccines and medical equipment from the Republic of Cyprus, acquired by the ROC through the EU’s centralized purchasing program, then passed from the ROC to the Turkish Cypriot administration through the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Health in Cyprus.

Leading Sub-Sectors and Opportunities

National Health Insurance Scheme Related Tenders:

In 2019, the ROC passed “The Electronic Health Law of 2019.” It sets the legal framework regulating the procurement of services to create an extensive set of health data registered and stored electronically by all healthcare providers for all citizens.  The Ministry of Health is expected to release a related tender in 2022 with an estimated value of approximately 65 million dollars (55 million Euro).  For other health related tenders and projects, you may visit eProcurement.

Medical Cannabis Licensing Tender:

The ROC will grant three licenses for cultivation and trade of medical cannabis products through a public tendering process.  In the meantime, the ROC granted a license to Panaxia Labs of Israel in February 2021 to distribute medical cannabis oil.

Area Administered by Turkish Cypriots:

Medical devices, medical disposables, and medical equipment are developing markets in the area administered by Turkish Cypriots.


Republic of Cyprus

Ministry of Health

Health Insurance Organization 

Purchasing and Supply Directorate


Cyprus Medical Devices Competent Authority (Note: Website is only available in the Greek language)