Colombia - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited & Restricted Imports
Last published date:

Imports of the following products have been specifically prohibited: dieldrin, aldrin, chlordane, endosulfan, heptachlor, lindane, and any preparations containing these products, gasoline that contains lead tetraethylene, and weapon-type toys, to include jewelry weapons used for decoration. 

Cash letters and negotiable bonds are prohibited, electronic cigarettes can only be shipped with an International Special Commodities (ISC) contract, and INVIMA approval may be required for any product meant for human consumption. Every piece of jewelry including but not limited to gold, silver and gemstones must go through a formal entry process, otherwise customs will seize the shipment. Products made in Iran are prohibited due to a current embargo.

An import license is required for 101 sub-classifications of the Colombian Tariff Schedule. No import licenses are being approved for the following: used vehicles and parts, used tires, used or irregular clothing, clothing closeouts, used bags and sacks, sacks of vegetable fibers, rags, and scrap cordage of textile material wastes. Only the Military Industry Institute (Indumil) (Colombia’s government-owned arms and explosives manufacturer) may import weapons, explosives, and related raw materials.