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Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Colombia has numerous regulated professions for nationals and non-nationals. Certain professions such as medicine, law, accounting, psychology, engineering and others are strictly regulated and require approval from the corresponding professional council in order to practice in Colombian territory.

The authorization to practice the profession is obtained through a license, professional card, or a temporary permit issued by the competent professional council depending on the profession or activity that the non-national intends to practice or perform in the country. Having a Colombian visa is not a guarantee that approval will be granted by the professional council for a non-national to practice in Colombia. Anyone who works without a license, professional card, or a temporary permit will be sanctioned according to Law 842. There are also many unregulated professions (professions not regulated that don’t require council authorization) overseen by the Colombian Ministry of Education that require graduate degree accreditation.

Registering at a Professional Council

The basic requirement to be licensed by a professional council is to own a valid academic diploma or professional certificate in a specific field. Since there are several different professional councils, requirements to be registered in each one of them may vary. The most common procedure is to visit a council or send the necessary documents.

The following documents are normally required:

  • Completed registration form
  • Copies of personal documents, such as ID, proof of residence, Cedula Extranjeria, and or a visa
  • Copies of the accredited diploma
  • Photos to be used on the registration card
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee
  • Registrations have an expiration date, and need to be renewed periodically, according to each council’s rules.

Registration of a Non-national by a Council

The registration of a non-national in a Colombian professional council varies according to each profession. Some allow foreigners to be registered only with the revalidation of the non-Colombian diploma and other councils have stricter rules.

Professional Councils Contact Information

Central Board of Accountants (JCC)

Colombian College of Psychologists (Colpsic)

Colombian Dental Federation

Colombian Medical School

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce (MINCIT)

Ministry of Labor

National Accreditation Council (CNA)

National College of Pharmaceutical Chemists of Colombia (CNGF)

National Professional Council of Architecture and its Auxiliary Professions of Colombia (CPNAA)

National Professional Council of Electrical Engineering, Mechanics and Related Professions

National Professional Engineering Council (Copnia)

Professional Council of Business Administration

Professional Council of Chemical Engineering (CPIG)

Professional Council of Petroleum Engineers (CPIP)

Professional Council of Transport and Road Engineering of Colombia (CPITVC)

Professional Geology Council (CPG)

Superior Council of the Judiciary