Bahamas - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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Conditional/Temporary Imports: 

Certain goods may be imported conditionally or on a temporary basis against a security bond or a deposit that is refundable on re-exportation.  These include goods for business meetings or conventions, traveling salesman equipment, equipment or tools for repair work, and equipment used in film production or other short-term activities.  These goods are allowed temporary entry into The Bahamas without full duty payment.  

Approval Process: 

The process requires an approved application from the Ministry of Finance and a completed bond for re-exportation.  Other required documents include: 

  • Completed transshipment bond 

  • Completed C41 Customs Form 

  • Invoices (where applicable) 

  • Shipping/Airline documents (bill of lading/airway bill or any other documents provided by the supplier) 

  • Valid business License 

Additional information on the temporary import process can be found on the Customs Department website.