Bahamas - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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Prohibited imports include:

  1. Any food articles intended for but unfit for human consumption.
  2. Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings, or any other indecent or obscene article.
  3. Underwater guns, other than the Hawaiian Sling, whereby a projectile may be discharged under water.
  4. Any article which bears a design in the imitation of any currency or bank note or coin in current use in The Bahamas or elsewhere.
  5. Copies of works in respect of which the owner has given notice to the Comptroller under Section 22 of The Copyright Act.

Restricted imports include:

  1. Firecrackers and impact flash facilities save those, which in the opinion of the Comptroller, are not dangerous.
  2. Firearms, fireworks, unless special authorization by the Commissioner of Police.
  3. Trailers, being trailer caravans for use as living quarters, offices, workshops, or similar purposes, unless specifically authorized by the Minister.
  4. Mechanical games and devices set in operation wholly and partly by the insertion.
  5. Motor vehicles with a non-rebuildable title, principally designed for the transport of goods and people.
  6. Motor vehicles or motorcycles ten years or older.
  7. Liquid or Liquified Petroleum Gas (an import license is not required, but a certificate is required to show the product can be transported and stored safely).

Additional information on prohibited and restricted goods can be found on the Customs Department website.