Angola - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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The temporary entry of goods or equipment into Angola is permitted for up to 12 months and can be renewed for up to 12 additional months.  Temporary imports must be accompanied by all normal customs documents and are subject to a deposit to Angolan Customs of 50 percent of the duties and taxes on the declared value were it to have been imported normally.   Regulations state that Angolan Customs refunds this deposit within three months after the temporarily imported goods are exported from Angola.

Temporary imports for display at a trade show should also be accompanied by a letter from the show organizer verifying participation in the event.  Depending on the product, a pre-shipment inspection may be required.   The customs deposit may be waived for official trade shows when accompanied by a formal letter from the Ministry of Foreign Relations.  

Angola does not accept Carnet for the temporary import of goods.