Algeria - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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The Algerian government bans the import of firearms, explosives, narcotics, around 350 pharmaceutical products, some types of medical equipment, all types of used equipment, genetically modified seeds, and pork products.  The number and type of banned medications, medical devices, and other goods to promote the local manufacture of these products have not changed since 2015.

Phyto-sanitary and sanitary control regulations are in place.  As a rule, animal and plant products that risk propagating diseases cannot be imported.  In these matters, Algeria adheres to the principle of precaution.  For example, meat of U.S.-origin is prohibited because of allegedly high hormone content.  Additionally, when food products arrive in Algeria, they must have at least 80 percent of their remaining shelf life.  While specific regulations exist for a few products, most food products must conform to the standards defined in the Codex Alimentarius.